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Die Xbox Series X erscheint am 10. November 2020

Dolby Vision Gaming Xbox Series X | Introduction to S Insiders

The Xbox Series X was released on November 10, 2020

Microsoft Xbox Series X | Began testing Dolby Vision for S games. Those in the alpha ring are already enjoying it.

Dolby Vision for Games was announced last year for two new game consoles. So Microsoft then made it to the Xbox Series X | S that blinked an eye Only two consoles Dolby Vision Gaming Offer – PlayStation 5 does not support Dolby Vision or Dolby Atmos for games or streaming apps. However, the activity was quiet for a long time. It was clear by now that the Redmond-based company wanted to open Dolby Vision for games with an update.

The first people in the Alpha Ring to test the new firmware for Xbox consoles now report that they already have access to Dolby Vision Gaming. Dynamic HDR format has been changed, for example, “Borderlands 3”, “Gears 5”, “Hollow: The Master Chief Collection” and “Marvel’s Avengers”, “Request” and “Sniper Elite 4” and “Force Horizon 4”. According to users, there is a significant jump in quality on the HDR display compared to the HDR10.

The Xbox Series X basically looks like a mini PC in the living room.
The Xbox Series X basically looks like a mini PC in the living room.

These statements must of course be used with caution. However, especially with OLED TVs, it is conceivable that Dolby Vision, with its flexible tone mapping, could have the same benefits as games. If you still do not find accurate announcements from Microsoft and game developers, you should make a detailed comparison.

Microsoft guarantees initial delivery to all players

Microsoft has confirmed to Forbes that it is currently testing Dolby Vision for games with locals. If everything goes smoothly, it is planned to distribute it to all players soon. So it may be so far in the first half of 2021. Then publishers and developers should have their say: it will be exciting to see which studios in the future will actively integrate Dolby Vision into their games.

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