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Red Zone responded to Spurley Irdo: "Transfer responsibility for a particular event to others"

Red Zone responded to Spurley Irdo: “Transfer responsibility for a particular event to others”

Triggers attacks, Spurley responds. Question and answer on social media between the center-left candidate and the incumbent president in the next regional elections in Calabria Vaccines.

The first foot was sinking Nicola Irdo He wrote on his Facebook profile: “Today, as we listened to another episode in the Tuesday news, we were told that vaccinations were going well in Calabria and that we would wake up in the red zone next week. The dissatisfaction and inability of the regional council to at least prevent epidemics in spite of a thousand conflicting measures is the merit of management. Heartfelt congratulations to the Calabrian right to “manage” the region.

Irdo increases the dose: “This morning – continuing his post – starting in the 80s, they tried to convince me that the Calabria vaccines were doing very well, but I did not know how to look at themselves, especially over the 80s and the fragile varieties. Enough! Govt is a great tragedy, which constantly affects our lives, it tells the victims, and it is devastating what is left of our economy every day. Politics is not a low quality reality show, Showing in front of cameras is not enough to change reality. Vaccination points should be multiplied, cover the best public and private facilities, and vaccinate 12 hours a day. The Regional Council and the Commission are rushing to provide definitive, clear and immediate answers to those who need to be vaccinated. “

The President’s response to the action did not come long, again through social media, Nino Spurley He replied: “It is raining and stealing from the government. This is the most obvious symptom of a strange syndrome, from which many suffer: placing the responsibility for a particular event roughly on others. Now, if an ignorant person does it, even with bad faith, pass by; But whoever tries to do that, with bad stubbornness, a political tycoon who has many acid rain “on the ground” is really ridiculous. Nevertheless, the highly decorated councilor Irdo never missed the opportunity to try the crime against the regional council and its president. His double meanings for low literary butchery are very offensive to the Italian language. But, stay tuned! Even the regional government will be guilty of epidemics, then, on the horizon, Londa Anuhoo, can see a scary candid … Who wants to give their time to the aforementioned? Could the patient practice of conversation with the walls have occupied him? In the meantime, I think about serious things. “

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