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Raguten has released the new Kobo Ellipse e-reader for pre-order

Raguten has released the new Kobo Ellipse e-reader for pre-order

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The innovative Kobo Ellipse E Reader from Ragutan allows you to interact with your ebooks and PDFs using the included Kobo Stylus. It provides the opportunity to annotate, highlight or circle a text. Thanks to its new Notepad functionality, you can also create your own files. Choose the background that suits you between the blank, verified or ruled page. Customize your “notebook” by adjusting your handwriting or converting it into typed text via MyScript. The integration of the Dropbox service will allow you to easily export all your documents. Find out now The Kobo Ellipse e-reader pack includes its sleepover and its ergonomic Kobo Stylus for 399.99 euros in La Fenac.

Kobo Ellipse: New 2 in 1E reader from Raguten Kobo

In addition to this new note-taking device, the Kobo Ellipse features a large, dazzling e-ink card 1200 display. Measuring 10.3 inches or 25.4 cm, the latter is fitted with a comfort lamp adjustable lighting system. This will give you the freedom to enjoy your ebooks day or night wherever you are. The built-in dark mode also allows you to change the text on a black background. Kobo Bookstore has about 6 million books to download, which you can store in the e-reader’s 32GB of memory. If you do not have access to your Kobo Ellipse, you can view your readings on your smartphone or tablet using the free Kobo app.