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CPU Rumors: AMD Gen 4 in LGA 1718 (AM5) socket with DDR5 without PCIe 5.0

Image: AMD

AMD’s next gen CPU for Zen4 based desktop runs on the LGA 1718 (“AM5”) socket with DTR5 and is distributed with PCIe 5.0. Manufactured at 5 nanometers in the DSMC, the “Rafael” will be the direct successor to the Vermeer, the successor to the A520, B550 (tested) and X570 chipsets.

DDR5 for all, PCI 5.0 for Epic

Much like the precise Twitter user when it comes to AMD ExexecutableFix When configuring the new PCH (“Platform Controller Hubs”) for the private client sector through the short press service, the manufacturer will drop the 64GB / V interface standard up to PCI Express 5.0, which comes with Epic 7004 (“Genoa”) for the professional enterprise sector. Allocated.

For the first time, the next gen socket to come with support for DDR5 type memory on dual channels is named LGA 1718, which is derived from the Gen-4-CPU (“Rafael”) and newer chipsets in the 600 series PCIe 4.0. Intel’s next-generation hybrid CPUs in the Alder Lake-S series already rely on PCIe 5.0 and are expected to handle DTR4 and DTR5. The LGA 1718 socket, similar to the AM4 socket (“PGA 1313”), must measure exactly 40mm × 40mm and have 1718 contacts and is marketed as the “AM5” in the rumored plant.

Since AMD has not yet commented on the details of the Gen4 architecture and the Raison and Epic CPUs based on it, these rumors still need to be handled with extreme caution. Although the 12th generation of the Core i series is expected to appear in 2021, the Gen 4 is not expected until 2022. That CEO is Dr. Lisa Su will confirm this period in Computex 2021 is not predictable.

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X570S without fan with CPUs in new steps

Prior to switching to the new platform, the PCH fan-free “new” X570S chipset and the new P2 Stepping Raison 5000 (tested) are expected to be in the project in the third quarter.