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Racer Gaming Systems: GeForce RTX3080D and RTX3070D for sale

Image: Razor

Gaming PCs from Razor can be configured with even more RGB and more extravagance, which can be pre-ordered with GeForce RTX3080D and RTX3070D graphics cards not already officially offered by Nvidia in China. Chinese platform தமால் Lists existing PCs.

Razr has a better presence than Nvidia

Apparently, Razor has begun to update websites and builders as some links to the P2C operating system lead or lead directly to the official Razor website, which already lists two “new” gaming amps with the Mining Break 2.0 haze.

System No. 1 with Raison 9 and RTX 3080D

System No. 1 with Raison 9 and RTX 3080D

System No. 2 Raison 5 and Raison 7 and RTX 3070D

System No. 2 Raison 5 and Raison 7 and RTX 3070D

You can already order in advance

Since Nvidia will most likely offer GeForce RTX3080D and GeForce RTX3070D only on June 1st in Computex 2021, the website of the well-known manufacturer in this country was primarily misused by its notebooks, mice, keyboards and devices. Alternatively, complete settings can already be pre-ordered in this configuration.

3 2,340 with Raison 5000

Through the trading platform Dimal, the AMD Raison 5 5600X and GeForce RTX 3070D will be available for pre-sale starting at around US $ 2,340, while the AMD Raison 9 5900X (tested) and GeForce RTX 3080T will have a larger configuration of 3,500 US. Dollars.

Under Brand razor version settings It also offers complete systems that address racer players, streamers and creative professionals directly, but these are still less popular in this country and are rarely advertised.

The Twitter user again caught the attention of the news for the first time @ harukaze5719.

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