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Quits, an application that allows you to order food

Quits, an application that allows you to order food

If there are already applications to help others, quartz should explode in the food landscape. This new app will be available in June so you can order and book a meal or table, but it will also help feed people in need.

While most of us are happy to go back to the restaurant on the terrace, on the other side of the windshield, more than 8 million people in France rely on food aid. At the same time, 1.4 million tons of excess food goes into the trash every year. Both numbers are incredible, and when you place them next to each other …

Associations are often overcrowded, and we have seen more of them since the health crisis began in March last year. For example: students. They already lived very poorly and saw themselves as poor without odd jobs.

With these associations, Fotech is trying to shake things up by offering innovative solutions. A French company offers an app that we can all download in a few weeks. In June, Gives Found on various download sites and help a lot of people. The start-up will offer an app that allows you to order a meal, be it one of the restaurants with offers like Just Eat, Delivery, Uber Eats and bigger apps (for now, Parisians scheduled for fifteen days) or book a table there.

Unlike the others named above, the interest in this app mainly comes from the fact that it allows you to add between 1 and 5 euros per tip, and these tips can be donated entirely for the purchase of real good products or real food. Directly to restaurants at low prices, so people in need can come and collect for free.

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Four co-founders are developing the app. They all come from far-flung backgrounds: one-on-one marketing, other investment adviser or one-third of the business: Romeo Bernard, Joseph Budget, CD Camara and Anas Fernandez.

To ask her how the first partner restaurants agreed to be part of the adventure, we went to meet on the terrace of a cafe precisely the following: “It simply came to our notice then. Already on Google, in the Center, they see what they are doing She explains to 7deTable “Then, we explain them and go to the restaurant. We already targeted restaurants with a “hunger” for unity. They know they cook a lot of food and instead of throwing it away they can help people in need. When you visit restaurants, they really want to. “

At the time, Michael Sewell was saying: “So quads, how does it work?” “. Gives, Which are actually two applications. One is reserved Givers So they will make donations by ordering food or bookings. Another is reserved «Takers», Those who collect these donations for free from nearby restaurants. This is practical, only one application depending on the situation you find yourself in. Of course, the delivery men who bring their own food Givers Not affiliated with a large ready-to-serve food supply company, but with a subsidiary of La Postin, Stuart. However, Quattro is already considering having its own distribution brigade in the future.

Now, we can certainly ask ourselves whether malicious individuals will not use this app to retrieve food that they can afford well … no. That is impossible. When we go to download the app «Tagets, It will ask for an activation code, which an association with humanitarian purposes or even the city of Paris – for now – can give to people who need, are specified, in need.

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For now, Gives Targets those who have fewer ways to buy food, but still have a smartphone: parents who have lost their jobs, low-earning young retirees, needy students ென்றால் If you do not have a smartphone, it is impossible to use this service. In the future, the group wants to create mobile kitchens to feed people in extreme poverty.

When we were dealing with a startup, we asked Anas Fernandez how Gives He was looking after their company at the age of 5 or 10 to see how he wanted it to grow: “In five years, already, we want to be well established in France and in ten years, in various European cities. The application will be published in Spanish and English. There are people in need, or even” givers “who do not need to speak French, and there are those who would benefit. But otherwise, in 10 years, London , Stay in Spain or Berlin. “

When it comes to meeting the food tech community, it can create really beautiful things. In June, it is necessary to monitor the release of the quartz application. To begin with, it will operate mainly in Paris and especially in the 13th Arrondissement, but it will gradually grow with more and more Parisian, French and therefore European restaurants as we have seen.

No longer idle when ordering food and helping the inactive, it could be the future of home food delivery, for two or three euros …

Listen to the radio version on Vivefm:

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* At the time of writing this article we do not yet know which restaurants and associations will be linked to the application.

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