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QTL - Delio Rossi: “Lazio, I saw you being unloaded.  Insaki?  It's hard to do again. "

QTL – Delio Rossi: “Lazio, I saw you being unloaded. Insaki? It’s hard to do again. “

Former Lazio coach Delio Rossi recognizes Simon Inzaki’s masterpiece

In today’s episode of Liberty, Broadcast broadcast Citaceleste TV e Radio egg, Former technician Lazio Tele Rosie. Coach Derby and beyond said his opinion:

“It seemed to me a group of people who had not been killed in the derby from the TV. Maybe they were suffocated by the fear that they would not win. Roma are not superior, but the energies have made a difference. , With Inzaki they are another team. Mine, for example, lived a trial period. Now they have made the leap they can decide whether or not to sell Lazio Milinkovic. The coach’s job is important and everyone has to see. “

“I do not know what I would do if I were him, it is difficult for me to judge. On the contrary, he is not even my son, on the contrary, even when he sent me to that country. Choose a rational person who can only say that if I have to say, this time I will go. Simon. He knows what kind of work he has done, and he knows how difficult it is to repeat himself.Ofverse, another entry into the Champions League will be relatively rare.He will make his decisions against these things.As sooner or later we will have other He’s going to have to face the leagues, he’s trying different clubs. It’s important to grow.

“I see some technical flaws in him. Regardless of Lazio’s plans, if they fit in with him. I do not know if he’s right for pianocholesty. He’s a kind of player who can express himself well with small and medium. Size.”