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QD-Oled: Samsung Display protects its pixel structure

QD-Oled: Samsung Display protects its pixel structure

Screens using the QD-Oled panel – a technology that enables combining the benefits of Oled and quantum dots to create more saturated colors and a brighter overall image – use a slightly better sub-pixel structure. As seen on the Sony A95K, the QD-Oled panel of the Samsung Display features a diamond-shaped structure called a pendulum with three sub-pixels. To create a pixel, Pentail technology uses RGB sub-pixels, but the blue and red sub-pixels are shared between the two green sub-pixels.

During this first contact, we could not push our inquiries Our German colleagues from the press On a Dell Alienware QD-Oled monitor. They point out that there are well-defined objects such as art objects (a kind of moir pattern) that appear around the text or a window closing cross. It does not stop there, yet according to our colleagues, this problem also appears in games, for example Cyberpunk 2077 Around or inside skyscrapers Horizon Zero Dawn Around the trees. Fortunately, this phenomenon is less visible when there is movement, which is not the case in the office environment.

Samsung later stated that these artifacts would appear with regular RGB screens, but screens with higher brightness and wider color coverage (such as QD-Oled) would emphasize this effect. Samsung Display ends: “These artifacts are visible because QD-Oled displays use wider color coverage, better contrast and a new pixel layout.”

If the artifacts are clearly visible, they will be much less when one steps back. As for the Samsung display, in most cases this will not be a problem. Samsung claims that QD-Oled displays are ahead of others when it comes to HDR performance, whether gaming or movie. We can only agree with Samsung because the screens that display quality HDR on the computer are very rare. Some Mini-Led models are more expensive (AOC Agon Pro AG274QXMFor example) and so on LG 48C1 Its Oled Ultra HD 120 Hz panel offers better HDR rendering, but is still great for many users. Let’s remember that Dell Alienware AW3423DW monitors And the Samsung Odyssey G8QNB will be available in the spring with a 34-inch QD-Oled UWQHD panel for around 1,300. On the TV page, The The Sony Bravia XR-55 / 65A95K has been announced this summerAt the same time The Samsung S95B The 55-inch version has already been pre-ordered in the US for $ 2,300 and the 65-inch version for $ 3,000.

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We look forward to testing this technology on a QD-Oled screen or TV comparing it to the Classic Old. Place very quickly.