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Pyo Pyo Tetris 2 Release Trailer - My Nintendo News

Pyo Pyo Tetris 2 Release Trailer – My Nintendo News

This has been a big day for new releases as both the Puyo Puyo Tetris 2 and Doom Eternal have been launched on the Nintendo Switch operating system today! Up to four players can run Pyo Pyo Tetris 2 and the file size is 1.3 GB. All the details with the release trailer are here.

“Japan’s favorite puzzle game series Pyo Puyo and the world-famous Tetris game ownership have reunited to provide even more bio-popping and tetrimino-clearing fun at Pyo Pyo Tetris. Push the trash into your opponent’s game and complete a line but watch what’s in your way.

Play traditional Puyo Puyo and Tetris… or mix them together to level your game. Offline or online, from single-player record to bed-match versus ranking online tournaments and more you have many modes that allow you to play the way you want. ”

• Brand new skill battle introduces skills that can quickly change the schedule of a match, and item cards to improve your team
Ibra vibrant characters and all new story adventure add dimension to addictive arcade puzzle play
Online Enhanced online mode offers up to 4 matches in game-specific leagues and free play
Challenge modes including Endless Tetris and Puyo Puyo add many more variants to the solo and online game

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