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The Fire Emblem Lin gets a pretty new look next November

The Fire Emblem Lin gets a pretty new look next November

Previously shared as one Prototype In October, we see this beautiful Lynn statue now Intelligence systems And good smile. 1/7 size image of the Fire logo: The burning blade character aims to capture a designated description from anyone other than Wada Sachiko (and others) from the main designer of the Fire Emblem. You can compare yourself below:

As with the concept sketch and sub-details, various details were provided via close-up photos. A whole 360 degree view Given.

Finally, Wada-chan also gave Lin a beautiful presentation with his early partners Kent and Zine. Speaking of the example process, he shared the process of visualizing a design that can be well translated into a 3D image. In the final, carved design, he was delighted with how beautiful it turned out. According to Bose, Lynn was not ready for war. Instead, he notes, it could be seen as Lorca’s sword dance Lynn is no Saken tribe.

For many longtime fire icon fans in the West, Lynn was the first lord they met. Lynn has been very popular, gaining his own dedication preface before becoming a key supporting figure in the story of Elywood. He’s been an assistant trophy since Super Smash Brothers Praval, especially for his familiarity outside of Japan at the Fire Emblem Warriors, and it looks like he will get a new Alt at Fire Emblem Heroes once every few months.

Lynn gets a 1/7 size count to make a reservation Good smile Now in Japan, orders are open for about $ 170 after switching from the yen until March 24, 2021. It is scheduled to ship in November 2021.

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