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Pure Pool Review (Switch to Aesop)

Pure Pool Review (Switch to Aesop)

Pure pool It does what it says in the tin. It’s a pool game and its way around, and a bold good. Developer Wofu Studios has cleverly blocked the clean pool with stunning richness and excessive physics, instead focusing on providing a closer experience to the actual deal you can get. It has been on other platforms for a few years now, but if you are a pool fan, the pure pool output on the switch may be even more noticeable.

The main balance of the game is its professional mode; Here, you will go in a kind of competition-style setting against many AI opponents. You can take part in 8-ball, 9-ball and snooker events, each of which is divided into amateur, pro and master difficulties. In addition to the main events, there will be additional challenges for you to participate in, which is our favorite killer: you and an opponent will take turns at the table, each starting with 3 lives. If you miss, you lose one life, and if you sink more than one ball at a time, you gain one life. This is a simple prototype that is practically engaging. We could have done some more unique challenges, but some more fun available. You have some crazy 8 ball pool tricks then it will be easy to enjoy the challenges.

The game is very straightforward, especially if you have played this kind of game before. You can move the camera to target your reference in any direction that suits you. Pulling back and forth on the right analog stick activates your shot, and fast movement equals a very powerful shot. Adding spin to the ball is also very easy, and it is often the key to winning matches. Like chess, you have to think several steps ahead and mentally play where you think the white ball will end once you take your shot. There is a tutorial to help you catch up on the dynamics, but the no-frills approach here means it doesn’t take long to master the basics.

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The snatched-after game matches the rest of the game, and the experience definitely benefits from this. The menus are basic, but the result is incredibly easy to navigate. Crisp and surprisingly realistic scenes are also essential; There are no bright cut scenes and no more celebratory scenes. It’s you and the desk. Anyway, we liked how the camera works inside the community club when you choose the game of snooker. We have no doubt that this is a standard loading screen cover otherwise, but it’s a pretty small touch.

If you enjoy playing pool nowadays, you are going to love pure pool. That’s it Pool, Nothing more than that, nothing less. Well, if you absolutely, snooker is there too To want more. There are a lot of things here with notes, table designs and more that you can open on your return, and although this is not a game you want to play marathon, it is definitely one that should be stored in the library on a rainy day.