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Monster Hunter Rise - My Nintendo News - Capcom Reveals Impact of Epidemic

Monster Hunter Rise – My Nintendo News – Capcom Reveals Impact of Epidemic

Japanese news outlet Nikki recently had the opportunity to chat with Capcom chairman Haruhiro Sujimoto about the upcoming Nintendo Switch exclusive Monster Hunter Rice. The development of the highly anticipated game during the current corona virus outbreaks has been halted for about a month, Mr. Sujimoto said. This certainly caused the release date to slip until March 2021. This means that the game’s revenue will be announced in the next financial year. Mr. Here are Sujimoto’s comments:

“The point of the switch is that you can pull it out and play it anywhere. I think fans will be delighted that you can play Monster Hunter anywhere, whether it’s on the go or lying in bed. We have also added a new dog character (Palamut).

We have already started taking pre-orders for the game and so far, we have been expecting them to be. Due to the epidemic, growth was halted for almost a month and the release was delayed until March 2021, so we expect the bulk of the game’s revenue to come in the next fiscal year. With the release of a new title, there is a ‘notice effect’ to spread about the game, and we expect to sell earlier entries such as this title Monster Hunter: World. ”

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