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Pure adrenaline rush!  The rapper freed himself

Pure adrenaline rush! The rapper freed himself

Hell Radon is on vacation in the UAE for a few weeks: the rapper and producer who won at X Factor as a judge has retired, but has retired from adrenaline.

Class 1990, Hell Radon Born to an Italian father (Sardinian photojournalist Antonello Sabbadu) and an Ecuadorian mother. His real name was Manuel, for this reason, he was also nicknamed Manualito.

Instagram photos

Member and Founder Machit Crew His colleagues Salmo, Enigma and DJ. Along with Slade, Hell Rotten is a rapper and producer who has made his debut as a judge in recent years. X factor Took home the last two editions with Casadilego in 2020 and Baltimore in 2021.

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From experience in the X Factor, collaboration Orieta Bertie: Manuelito oversees the production of the famous singer’s last song, entitled “Full Moon” by Rose Villan, another young artist who joined the Mash.

Hell Radon: Photos during the holidays in Dubai

In recent weeks, Manuelito has taken vacations in the United Arab Emirates, especially a Dubai, A city famous for its spectacular sea and its sophisticated and luxurious buildings.

Hell Radon
Instagram photos

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Hell Raton shared on his profile Instagram Some scenes during his stay: From the Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi (the capital of the United Arab Emirates) to the sea in Dubai by jet ski, followed by the desert. Among his travel companions in this unique adventure is photographer Silvio Dova, who wrote some of the photos published by the rapper.

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Hell Radon
Instagram photos

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In his latest post, Manuelito shared a breathtaking experience: the rapper boarded a plane with his fellow passengers and then started himself with a plane. Parachute. Holidays that are full of adrenaline!