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Psychonats 2 is available for pre-download with Xbox Game Pass |  Xbox One

Psychonats 2 is available for pre-download with Xbox Game Pass | Xbox One

Despite the hectic July and early August, the Xbox Game Boss didn’t want to stop there. Service subscribers will soon be able to enjoy Syconats 2 and download it now to get ready for T-Day!

Pre-install Syconats 2

Rasputin Aquato, also known as “Ross”, a powerful young middle-aged and talented acrobat, made his life dream come true: Join the International Mental Intelligence Organization called Psychonates! But not everything in the media is rosy. Their leader has not been the same since being rescued from kidnapping, and even worse, a mole has been lurking in their ranks.

Amidst stunning missions and mysterious plots, Psychonats 2 is a cinematic-style stage-adventure game that offers the mental powers to customize. Psychonats 2 is an avalanche of danger, suspense and laughter, a journey into the minds of allies but also into the minds of Ross’ enemies with the aim of defeating a dangerous and dishonest medium.

Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S Players, you can now start downloading Syconats 2. 28.50GB must be booked on the Xbox Series X on the day of game release on August 25th. To install it, nothing could be simpler, just go to your Xbox Game Boss tab and select the game to start the process.

Psychonates 2 in the Microsoft Store

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