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PSX and Saturn - Announced the restoration of the old FPS for

PSX and Saturn – Announced the restoration of the old FPS for

Powerslave was expelled Announced today by Night Dive Studio, and this is, in this case, one of the company’s previous plans Reprint Old Power Slave for Sega Saturn and PlayStation, Suitable for modern sites.

There is currently no information on scheduled sites or release dates, but one already exists Trailer Presentation showing something of this new version of the old first person shooter for consoles, which represents a kind of hybrid between the original version for Sega Saturn and the PlayStation.

As reported in the presentation trailer shown above, this is a port on Gex Engine, the authors of Night Dive Studios, Doom 64, Shadow Man and System Shock, with whom it shares the general spirit and substance of the process.

The original Powerslave was released on Sega Saturday in 1996 and featured one of them First person shooter Instead of presenting puzzle-solving elements within a different, complex level design, so the solution of puzzles was needed in addition to shooting enemies.

It is mainly a technical adaptation that significantly enhances the resolution of the game and introduces various modifications such as SMAA antiliesing, anisotropic texture filter, fluid enhancement modifications and more. Improvements.

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