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De Laurentis downloads Kattuso with a tweet

The paths of Kattuso and Napoli split at the end of the season and, regardless of the final result, have been more than a doubt for several months now.

The confirmation came with a tweet from President Aurelio de Laurentis, at the end of the draw with Verona, who “condemned” Assyria to the Europa League after a long love affair with the Champions League dream.

“Dear Rhino – writes the President on Twitter – I am glad to have spent almost two seasons with you. Thank you for your work and wish you success wherever you go. A warmth to your wife and children. Aurelio de Laurentis”.

However, there was no explanation as to the reason for not renewing the president’s coach’s contract and leading the coach to decide to leave somehow, as the company has now been in the dark of the press for several months and the championship has not been disrupted.

The coach who sits on the Napoli bench next season has several hypotheses. A path led to Massimiliano Allegri. He wore it because it seems complicated that the former Juventus coach could accept a team that does not participate in the next Champions League.

At this point, the strong name, Luciano Spalletti, was suspended for two seasons after bringing Inter back to a place in the Champions League, where he relieved himself of his contract with Nerasuri in June.

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Then there will be the possibility of Simone Inzaki, exchanging a kind of coach with Lazio, and it looks like Rhino Kattuso will be able to sit next year after Pierrentina in recent weeks.