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PS5: System update 21.01- Available for download

PS5: System update 21.01- Available for download

Update: Sony has submitted the official changelog for the new PS5 update:

  • This computer software update improves system performance.
  • We have updated the device software of the DualSense Wireless Controller to improve stability.
  • We fixed the issue of controlling the operation of some screens when the screen reader is enabled.
  • Games that you have hidden on the PS4 We fixed a problem that was not hidden on the PS5.
  • We have increased stability when copying games from the extended USB storage to the console storage in the game library.

Original message: Sony has released a new PS5 firmware update. It is version 21.01- which is available for download with the latest DualSense firmware update.

No new features

Despite the standard size of 900 MB, the new firmware update appears to be primarily troubleshooting and troubleshooting. As with many PlayStation System updates, the release specifications for this update only indicate enhanced system performance.

PS5 System Update 21.01- Release Notes

  • This computer software update improves system performance

Adjustable battery level display

As mentioned earlier, in addition to the new system update, there is also a new DualSense firmware update. Fixes an update, according to initial user reports Controller battery level indicator error. Over the past few weeks, gamers have reported battery level indicators showing incorrect values.

“I can confirm that the controller battery indicator error has been resolved. Before the upgrade it was 0 percent and now it is at 2 bars, ”he said A Reddit user.

As one user mentioned in the Neocoff forums, the update also includes a change to the PS5 game library, which can list games that have already been installed first. We will let you know if there are more details about the PS5 system update.

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With the previous PS5 firmware updates, all sorts of new functions were brought to the Sony console. These are as follows:

  • Store PS5 games on external USB drives
  • Share play between PS4 and PS5 consoles
  • Options to turn off game chat and adjust voice volume
  • Game Adaptation of the library
  • New file settings and stats
  • Even more

Additional news about PS5:

Such features do not appear to have been included in the PS5 system update on 21.01- But these must be followed in a timely manner, Including support for VRR, The 8K Resolution Or internal Memory expansion. If you encounter problems after the latest update, you can talk to other members of the community – for example in our forum.

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