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FAZUA Connectivity Update bringt interessante Neuerungen mit sich - eBikeNews

FAZUA Connect Update – Interesting New Features For Usage And Garmin Devices eBikeNews

FAZUA brings a new connectivity update that brings some software improvements to the manufacturer’s drivers.

New FAZUA app for iOS and Android

On the one hand, there is a new FAZUA application. It is the central control center for FAZUA energy bikes that, for example, enables setting up support systems and downloading profiles. For this purpose, a profile is first created using simple questions that contain information about the person, purpose and driving style. Based on the answers, a complex algorithm is used to customize the e-bike’s driving behavior for the Breeze, River and Rocket support systems.

FAZUA application - eBikeNews
New FAZUA application

There is also the opportunity to draw inspiration from different public profiles and create your own and personal profiles. The FAZUA app is available for iOS and Android. It can now be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store and Apple Store.

Dashboard for Garmin cIQ

There is also a new FAZUA dashboard for Garmin cIQ. It connects FAZUA Energy bikes from Carmine to on-board computers, thus tracking all important data such as engine, battery and ride values. The dashboard shows the following values: speed (km / h), battery charge level, cadence (rpm / rounds), engine power (color bar), rider power (in watts), light symbol (if any via 12V connection) Box integrated light activated), timing, support mode (engine power color similar to Breeze, River and Rocket) and temperature warning (engine control to avoid overheating).

Garmin cIQ - FAZUA Dashboard for eBikeNews
New dashboard for Garmin cIQ

The FAZUA Dashboard is compatible with the Garmin Edge 530 and Garmin Edge 830 devices. It can now be downloaded for free from the Connect IQ Store. A prerequisite for making full use of new applications via Bluetooth is the current update of the Ride 50 connectivity software. This can be installed via the FAZUA application. We have summarized the information about FAZUA Drive System and whether it is suitable for you in our Drive Guide.

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