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"Can you see from there?", The family members of the French navigator who went missing at sea ask the astronauts for help -

“Can you see from there?”, The family members of the French navigator who went missing at sea ask the astronauts for help –

From Elizabetta Rosaspina

Kyrek has been boating across the South Atlantic and has been missing since July 29. Appeal to the French in orbit around the Earth

Earth calls space: please View from the International Space Station above the seaIf you can find a pink dot with a Breton flag near the Azores …. the tone of the joke, but the 29-year-old French navigator Kyrek Sout hides the team’s concern. It crosses the Atlantic Ocean alone off the coast of Massachusetts in the United States toward Brest in Britain. With a boat.

Contacts with him They had been missing for about ten daysBut it is hoped that this is only a communication problem, and the brave young man has not yet used his emergency location transmitter. No major ship has crossed it since July 29th So it was decided to go high but so far towards the French astronaut Thomas Basket, who had leased the space station for four months in orbit around the Earth at a distance of about 400 kilometers above sea level.

Two days ago Baskett sent rather detailed photos to the basement The city of Bryan, in the fires of Turkey and the Alps, was captured by its skins: perhaps, by sharpening the vision or by telephoto lens, the friends of the South believed that it could also identify a large canoe between the waves of the ocean. The messages coming through Facebook try to be as light and as dramatic as possible. Monique signed, Not his girlfriend but taken in the Red Chicken Canary, with him as a pair in the Atlantic Fleet in France, eight years ago, and five years between the South Pole and the North Pole. Their record book became a book three years ago: La Fabulous Histoire de Kyrek and translated into Monique, English and German.

The other signature is that Bosco, his dog, is considered a cross between an Alaskan husky and an Irish setter and a skilled sailor. But the two animals, this time, stayed at home. Eagerly, with all the South’s support team: All Thomas Pesket – Text of Appeal -, We are tired of waiting for the news of our Pope. True, she promised not to warn the whole earth if we were worried … but she was an alien in space, so we got recognition, didn’t we?

And so on Here is the innocent request for the astronaut’s help: His name is Kyrexade and she’s as crazy as she is on the spacecraft, but she’s on a small submarine (and sometimes a submarine)! Of course the north-northeast (Azores) of Flores are about 250 or 300 nautical miles. If he sees a pink dot with the Breton flag, our dad! We dream of a picture of him. If you can open the window and throw him a satellite phone, a solar charger (and some boiled eggs), it will be a godsend!

From Bluegrescond, in the Armor Coast Division, Gurek South departed from Noise Harbor on June 15th. Will arrive at the end of August Or, more recently, in Brittany in early September. He was caught in a storm in early July, which destroyed most of his electronic devices. Even one of the two solar panels seems to be faulty.

But according to Grat de Aboville, the first navigator to sail across the North Atlantic, Media loss is not a problem Insurmountable, less moral support. As for the chances of young Breton colleagues reaching the finish line, he spoke with confidence France Info: This guy has everything you need to succeed in crossing. Sliced ​​for adventure. Suite for several days Was able to get news about him VHF radio communicates with cargo ships via high frequency radio. But since July 29, complete calm and his condition have no longer been found.

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His ground contact, which updates Explorer’s blog, tries to keep his nerve. Promised by the group’s photographer and PR Alice Kleisense Kyrek finally wanted to leave the emergency vehicles To rediscover it, is to put an end to the company. Of course, a view from above does not hurt anyway.

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