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PS5 surprise from Uniuro at night: We monitored the situation

PS5 surprise from Uniuro at night: We monitored the situation

We told you earlier this week The PlayStation 5 appeared on the Uniuro website at midnight At the end of January, you left us a lot of comments about it, which is why we decided Try to monitor the situation In the next few days.

Let’s start from the beginning: According to various testimonials from January 28 to 30, the PlayStation 5 appeared late at night on the Uniuro website, With console available for purchase Some of our readers were actually able to buy it, confirming everything via email and messages on social networks.

We will monitor the situation in the coming days, The author has been keeping an eye on the Uniuro eCommerce all week (Monday, February 1 to today) From 03:00 AM to 06:00 AM, this is the time slot pointed out by those who viewed Console Online at the end of January.

Unfortunately, in these three nights we have not seen any definite results and we have not seen the button appear.To buy“On the PS5 and PS5 digital pages but only the button”Notice available“So we can confirm how There have been no restarts yet on the Uniuro website in February. However, the situation regarding the availability of the console will soon improve Sony has promised another 3 million PS5s by March 31.

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