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PS5 SSD guarantees great benefits, but works well on older HDDs -

PS5 SSD guarantees great benefits, but works well on older HDDs –

During a recent Q / A session with Epic Games with developers, the technology company saidUnreal Engine5 There will be deities Benefits To exploit the surrounding technologyPS5 SSD. Despite this, the motor runs “surprisingly” when running from a normal HDD.

For developers of Epic game, In fact, was asked whether the PS5 SST deck is supported and whether its presence within the Sony console will bring improvements in the use of Unreal Engine 5.

The first answer, something with a very hernia, is “it definitely helps”. The benefits, of course, are not only the loading and streaming of data, but also the speed of the crag System streaming. Increased I / O bandwidth, in fact, in video games with pop-ups and slow-loading components will allow developers to send all the data at once without knowing this functionality. So the key result here is that SSD technology not only improves the layer load times, but also helps to load high quality assets inside and outside the RAM, with an overall improvement in graphical impact.


So, the developers generally appreciated the use of SSD and especially the PlayStation 5, but they wanted to reaffirm how much better their technology can be modified. Classic HDDs. The new UE5 demo, in fact, can run them surprisingly well.

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