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PS5: Sony warns Dibrant of black suit seller

PS5: Sony warns Dibrant of black suit seller

PlayStation 5 Sony Features easy-to-remove side plates, Very practical for accessing but also customizing the interior of the console. Problem, Sony Not yet sold official cases, but is spoken of on the wheels of third-party resellers.

Sony Has already interrupted Plate Station5 / Customize MyPlates, Which did not prevent Dbrand To recommend Black plates for PS5. On RedditThe producer made fun of the Japanese company by registering “Take us to court, Sony”. Well Sony A prison Dbrand Has sent word and a letter please stop making these plates, Violates its intellectual property. However, Dbrand Explains that it does not use any logo deposited Sony, Instead Croix, Square, Round And Triangle Skulls, robot heads, symbols of biological danger and pyramids. Except, How paradoxical the builder thinks Squid game You can use round, square and triangular symbols in the series, Sony Apparently very interested in this matter. In the case of the series Netflix, Refer to the forms in which they are named Squid game Written in Korean.

In his letter, shared On Reddit By Dbrand, Sony Does not accurately quote intellectual attributes, sows the seeds of doubt. Worse, the PS5 manufacturer is talking about features waiting to be verified, but already asking Dbrand Under the penalty of going to trial, to stop its operation. The manufacturer has already stopped selling its black plates, now models of the collector, but still worse. He compares the situation with the buyer Ford F-150 (Pickup Most popular in North America). The buyer reserves the right to change the parts of the vehicle and to improve the performance or appearance, Dbrand I wonder why this can’t be done in the simple PlayStation 5 cases. The manufacturer has a few more ideas, assuming that Sony Seeks to protect legal but not specified patents in its letter, which is popular Dbrand Hides it, or it will soon start its own official hulls, so with questionable monopoly.

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The case is far from the middle Dbrand And Sony, But PS5 owners will find it difficult to customize their console, but it is clear that they will be suitable in the future. As a reminder, Sony He has already denied his controller DualSense In black, it is sold At 67.97 Amazon.

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