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Disadvantages of applications for hiking?

Disadvantages of applications for hiking?

If you want to maintain the shape of your body and mind, go for it Hiking and traveling in the countrysideWalking back to the good old times and full strength! For this reason, you definitely need an app dedicated exclusively to those who like hiking, these apps are free and can be downloaded on your smartphone. They will also be of great help to you because thanks to them, you will be able to detect your rise, but, Choose the best routes in France. We are going to look at the best apps for hiking together, but which one is best for you.

Visiorando, urgent download reference application

Now, apps have slowly, but surely changed the mapping, but for sure, the latter is not ready to disappear at all because GPS Hiking Apps Convenient, however, is that the battery life issue is always a downside.

The Visiorando app is one of the most popular and can be used on iOS and Android Visiorando is perfectly finished, Your smartphone now has a great walking GPS. Among the special features of the Visiorando app, we find:

  • Detailed information.
  • Easy to use interface.
  • Full of diversity in terms of functions.

Whether by cattle, boat or mountain bike, you can easily rely on the Visiorando app to determine your hike duration and level of difficulty. Is at your disposal IGN maps are free, For 3 days, after this trial period, you must subscribe to the annual or quarterly subscription. Visiorando sets up over 92,000 tracks and tracks throughout France, but also overseas.

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Finally, Visiorando recommends the use of a Series hike, With an info channel like total mileage and altitude difference, its interface allows you to set the basic map you want, even Tobo IGN or Satellite IGN, so you can download the map on your smartphone.

Virenger, 100% free usage and guaranteed reliability

For everyone who loves mountains and long walks, there is an appraiser app Among the best, Especially the very easy to understand, easy to use and completely free interface.

The Virenger GPS app offers 7 days of free access to IGN 1/25 000 maps spread across France, you can subscribe once the trial period is over Subscription to Goportail IGN, 5.49 euros per month.

The Benefits provided by the application There are many, for example, your access to the compass, the criteria, and even the possibility of recording your curriculum and sharing it with the community you belong to. This processor is available on Android and iOS.

What are the disadvantages of walking applications?

The Walking applications There are several advantages, however, but it is important to point out some disadvantages:

  • The battery life of your smartphone;
  • Offline card handling;
  • IGN Chargeable Maps.

Although hiking applications are very efficient and reliable, unfortunately, they must be accepted. Consumes a lot of energy, Your smartphone can not stand, the intention is to carry a spare battery.

You can still download maps Offline application, however It is important to remember that these are payment cards. As for the 1/25 000 IGN maps, they are charged, but with incredible accuracy, it is necessary to take a monthly or annual subscription to use them.

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