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PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S & PC - Nert 4. Update 6.1 with Life Improvements

PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S & PC – Nert 4. Update 6.1 with Life Improvements

Doom is eternity Gets new Update 6.1 It brings a lot Improvements Specified for different sites, especially PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S and PC are going to adjust and develop various aspects of the IT software depending on the platform.

For all consoles and PCs, the update fixes a few Error The ancient god within The Holt extension of the propaganda, especially in some circumstances the contacts of the bullets and the path taken by Kagodeman during the boss – Part 1.

Doom Eternity is still updated with the edit update 6.1

For the rest, the interventions are very specific: above Xbox Series X | S. Fixed the representation of controls on the PS4 and the interface that appeared incorrect in some situations PS5 Error preventing reunion with private matches after disconnection.

His PC Fixing a malfunction caused by selecting the Challenges tab in the pause menu, an issue with AMD GPUs caused by graphic artifacts in some contexts, and the possibility of implementing radiation tracking on some laptop GPUs is now possible but not previously allowed.

Finally, several corrections are concerned Battlemode Adjustment of the representation of customizations on all platforms, ie armored skins, invisibility of some demon players after response and some changes related to menu and interface, you can read in the list This address.

For the rest, we’re waiting for the new hard mode to take the place of the announced invasion, all of which are PS5 and Xbox Series X | S free upgrade after the big update 6.