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PS5: l’application Playstation permet de gérer les captures d’écrans !

PS5: PlayStation app lets you manage screen shots!

According to our colleagues at Phoneandroid, you can quickly manage PS5 screen shots through the PlayStation app.

PlayStation will not stop updating To satisfy its players. And the latest will delight not only PS5 but also PS4 owners. This applies to the game screen shots you find.

What is it about?

First, maybe we should Tell us about the PlayStation app. In fact, there is a PS app if you do not know. This is an application that can help you a lot. Especially for downloading games.

Because yes, too Without running your PS5, You can now download the purchased games. These are installed directly on your console. This allows you Prepare a game before you go home. And save your time.

But that is not its only feature. When we inform you, You can quickly manage your screenshots Directly through this application. Logs that you can already manage from your consoles.

However, as our colleagues from Phoneandroid know, This function is not really ergonomic. So PlayStation wanted to change this process. The media reports that the brand has updated the PS APP.

On the other hand, PS5 players living in France may not be able to take advantage of it immediately. This is currently only done on American soil. But there is no doubt about it Things will change quickly In the coming weeks.

Finally comes the most important. Learn how to use this popular function. Don’t be afraid, just go through a few lines to understand how this new feature works. We will explain everything to you.

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PS5: PlayStation app lets you manage screen shots!

How to use Playstation app on PS5?

Our colleagues answer accurately. Know what you need to do Go to your next gen console. If you are one of the lucky ones. Because nowadays everyone knows that this is an achievement.

On your PS5, you need to enable the option. Since then, all your records can be viewed directly on your app. All you have to do is Go to the library This is to find all your shots.

You can download them on your phone. Therefore, Share them on your social networks and with your friends. Previously, our colleagues mentioned that it was difficult to share your moments on social networks.

It can be very embarrassing because you have the PS5 message in the photos. But the media explains that there are some flaws in this processor. “Videos, first, Cannot convert in 4KBut only on 1080p ”.

Also, they are not Visible for 14 days only. After that, you need to go through the PS5 console again.. Aside from these concerns, this is still great news. It remains to be seen when this will be available to all European citizens.