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PS5 owners report a major download error

PS5 owners report a major download error

With the PS5 now officially available (in some parts of the world), a lot of people are clearly curious to try out their brand new console and see how good it really is. Following various reports TwitterHowever, it seems that the computer may come out of the box with a big bug. This means that the download error will cause users to perform a factory reset to work properly again!

PS5 Download Error!

So, what’s the problem? Well, there seems to be a big glitch in downloading PS5 games. Although not confirmed to be a problem for all users, for many, it seems that games can get stuck in a virtual limbo.

In particular, when trying to download a game, it creates an error, which means that nothing happens, or in other cases it is added to the queue incorrectly, which means that if it never downloads the game, it cannot be canceled. . In other words, the game, a factory reset is pending, permanently stuck there doing nothing!


Bugs and errors are always expected when it comes to a new console, which is an embarrassing fundamental failure of what the most basic requirement of a gaming console is. Although Sony has not yet officially commented on the situation, an update will undoubtedly be integrated and released very soon, users who experience this issue will reset the console, try again and hope you have no problem next time you try to download something.

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On the one hand it may be that the PS5 will not be released in Europe until November 19th. We can allow ‘beta’ testers in the US and Canada to make at least some initial errors!

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