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PS5 - Officially announced for trailer and details

PS5 – Officially announced for trailer and details

The PS5 version of “Final Fantasy VII Remake” has finally been officially announced. In the new trailer, in addition to many visual enhancements, a completely new episode with ninja fighter UFC Krasaki has been added.

Square Enix Finally let the cat out of the bag. The Japanese developer and publisher used the latest state-of-the-art version to deliver the PS5 version of the latest Final Fantasy VII remake from Sony.

Native 4K or 60 FPS – the choice is yours

We looked at the announcements, which allowed us to see improvements. Among other things, there are upgraded structures, improved lighting and realistic fog.

In the game you have the choice between two different graphics modes: if you choose “Graphics” you will be given a gaming experience with sharp 4K resolution. “Performance”, on the other hand, gives you a standard 60 frames per second. Photo mode that you can customize is also in the beginning.

The developers had a surprise for us. Added a new episode with young ninja fighter Yufi Kisaraki, which is only available to PS5 players. This section acts as a bridge between the first and second chapters. Here you have to enter Shinra Corporation to get the most special product.

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“Final Fantasy VII Remake Integrate” will be available for PS5 on June 10th. If you already have the game for PS4, you can also use the free NextGen update in this case. Nothing is known about the long-suspected PC port. You can find out more about this in April, when the timeline for PlayStation expires.

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You can find the trailer with the new content and a detailed comparison with the PS4 version here:

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