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A new model is for sale in Australia, let's see if changes are found -

PS5, new model loads small heatsink –

The New model From PS5, Sony has started to come out in recent weeks, a Small heatsink Compared to the first version of the console, it actually boasts a much more generous size.

Yasuhiro Ottori, vice president of mechanical design at Sony, will surely remember the official PS5 tear that was going to tear the console to pieces and highlight the grandeur. Heatsink For heat dissipation.

Heatsink on the first model of the PS5 console

You Will Remember Austin Evans’ PS5 Tears and the many controversies that followed the criticism that YouTube moved to interior design PlayStation 5The scattering method is practically monopolistic.

Well, Evans has returned to dedicate himself to the Sony console for a new, interesting invention: the new PS5 model, which is currently on sale in some markets, is fitted with a small heatsink, with the aim of replacing the first version.

PS5 on the left of the first model and on the right of the new model
PS5, to the left of the first model and to the right of the new model

To count them from the photo, the new heatsink does not really have a lot of paddles and the entire panel, so it has less cooling capacity than the original radiator.

According to the first experiments conducted by Austin Evans, The Temperature The PS5 enhances with the new model and this leads to a complete series of situations that need to be checked over time.

YouTube concludes that at the beginning of Sony he wanted to add a very large and powerful heatsink to the system to prevent any problems. High heat.

However, after one year of experience, the company has determined that after selling 10.1 million PS5s, it can measure the radiator without getting stuck in blocks or other problems, according to Evans.

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PS5, standard and digital version models
PS5, standard and digital version models

However, the effects will not be pleasant: according to Austin Evans and Jimmy Champagne, the console will have different frequencies and a second SSD connected to the console.

Tests performed in this case will detect the heat leaving the console but do not detect the actual temperature of the chipset, making it clear that it cannot be considered completely reliable to understand how things are.

At the same time, the Fan Fitting into the new PS5 model seems to be more efficient, which may be the key to the whole talk. For our part, we have contacted Sony regarding this change and are awaiting the company’s response.