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PS5 - How to download and play on HITC

PS5 – How to download and play on HITC

Black Ops Cold War and Warson Season 1 started a few weeks ago, and there is one Happy Holiday Bundle Available For Free. However, since it’s Christmas and a lot of people – getting the PS5 they want – a lot of people are asking how to download Warson on the PS5. Here you will find out how to download and play Battle Royale Call of Duty on Sony’s next gen computer.

While a lot of people are waiting for the brand new Verdansk map, it seems to be the most anticipated The nuclear event will not occur until March 2021. But while the predicted nuclear event is expected for many moons, the Season 1 integration with Black Ops Cold War is more than enough to satisfy gamers’ hunger, thanks to its many new modes and battle bass.

Below you can see how to download and play Call of Duty Warson on PS5 if you have Sony’s next gen engine since launch day or have blessed one at Christmas via Santa.

How To Download Warson On PS5

You can download Call of Duty Warson on PS5 by searching the BSN Store.

Once you find Warson in the BSN Store, all you have to do is select Download for free to get the Battle Royale experience on PS5.

Your home screen and installation progress will display Call of Duty Modern Warfare, but this will come through backwards compatibility with the Battle Royale experience.

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There is no PS5 version of the Royal Game of War 120fps upgrade over the Xbox Series X..

It has not been said whether the next Gen Sony update will take place, so it is only for console gamers who will get 120fps luxury on the Xbox Series X.

The above method of how to download and play Warson on PS5 is to install the Battle Royale game if you have never bought modern Warfare.

However, if you have previously purchased a digital copy of Modern Warfare you may need to disable console partitioning in the settings.

Once you have disabled the console partition, you will need to create another user account that you have not purchased with Modern Warfare, and then download Warzone to install and play Battle Royale on PS5.

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