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Best Android Apps: Google Reveals Biggest Releases of 2020

Best Android Apps: Google Reveals Biggest Releases of 2020

If you unwrap the glossy new Android smartphone or tablet under the tree today, don’t waste any time downloading these apps from the Google Play Store. Yes, if you find it difficult for any apps or games to value your time … if it is not qualified to take any megabytes on your hard drive, Google is the answer.

The California Institute of Technology has released a list of the best Android apps of the past year. The solid ranking integrates the recommendations of millions of Android users worldwide. The poll took place on November 23, and the California company has now confirmed which developers have won the coveted award.

Play Store editors, who publish editorial content and draw attention to new and significant applications throughout the year, have highlighted many of their favorite apps from the past year.

According to the editors, the best app now available for download on your Android smartphone or tablet is “Lona: Bed Time Quiet & Relax”. According to the team at Google, software is “a rare phenomenon that meets application ingenuity and pleasure” and is “beautifully designed and thoughtfully executed”.

In a blog post about the app, the Google editorial team added: “Like any other app this year, Lona has captivated us with its innovative, beautiful bed stories. With amazing ‘Sleepscapes’ – 3D displays you will explore with description and simple touches, tapping into everything that brings color and light to everything from a magical Brooklyn bookstore to a carousel in Paris. Close your eyes? Play pleasant music like ‘Low-Fi Beats’ or ‘Art of Nature’. ”

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Meanwhile, millions of Play Store users who voted in the poll decided that Disney + deserves the best app of 2020. This makes a lot of sense – after all, the last twelve months have been characterized by millions of people working from home, studying from home, and socializing indoors to prevent the spread of the corona virus.

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Disney + launched on March 24 in the UK unlimited access to National Geographic shows and films, including classic animated Walt Disney films, Picture films and the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) and Academy Awards. -Winning Free solo, For a monthly fee.

Not only that, but it also includes many exclusive original shows like Disney + Mandalorian, Which is set within the Star Wars universe High School Music: Music: Series. Mandalorian Recently closed its second season, which ended in a cliffhanger with dramatic changes to the show’s universe.

Meanwhile, Disney has brought its new streaming service to the small screen with a number of films scheduled for a cinematic release – allowing the latest Hollywood blockbusters to watch while those in a locked state are safe. Latest from Pixar, dubbed Soul, Is launching on Disney + for all subscribers on Christmas Day for the same reason.

According to the latest statistics from the Play Store, Android users have downloaded Disney + 50 million times.

Here are the other eligible winners selected by Google Play Store users –

Best personal development applications

  • Pair: Application for Couples | Relationship Counseling offered by Better Half Ltd.
  • Center, Loop Pd Ltd by Chris Hemsworth
  • Speech by LearnMyLanguage
  • Intelligence Institute
  • Jumpprobe: How Jumpprobe hosts videos
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The best hidden gemstone applications

  • Paperless Post Flyer Invitation Maker, Paperless Post Text Invitation
  • Lana: Luna Inc.
  • Explore the locations of Explorest.
  • Cappuccino by Oliver Desmoulin
  • Thaisui paintings by Dayasui

The best everyday essential applications

  • Phase Diary – Journal, Sumi Interactive presentation project
  • Wipe: Turn recipes into shopping lists that can be shared through
  • Pattern Home, Inc.
  • Zoom meetings provided by
  • By Calmaria ABDZ

Best applications

  • Green Choice: Healthy Grocery Store Green Choice, BBC
  • Medito’s Meditation for Mind, Meditation and Sleep
  • ShareTheMeal: Donate to the Foundation and Solve the Hunger of the United Nations