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Cooking Simulator PC Version Full Game Free Download

Cooking Simulator is a simulation case for computer launched in 2019 by Playway SA. How much better are you?

You will definitely become a real chef running in a kitchen area that will be sensible with all kinds of food preparation equipment.

Your cooking area has been retrieved. Griddles stove Gas shelves and pots, frying pans, plates, knives, spatulas and lots of tools like blender or food processors! To enhance this, more than 120 active ingredients are served from the kitchen: fish and meat, vegetables and fruit, dairy products and a variety of liquids. Similarly there is a collection of natural herbs and flavors!

But if you don’t think it’s fun with principles, you’ll love the sandbox design. Access everything that is active, foods, and prepare anything you can without stress. You do not need to prepare anything! Game physics offers you possibilities. Knives like darts, cutting boards like dominoes, burn the entire cooking area, make an impact from the oven and protect the day by cooperating with the fire extinguisher!

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