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PS5 and Xbox Series X |  Video comparison between S, here are the differences - Nert 4.Life

PS5 and Xbox Series X | Video comparison between S, here are the differences – Nert 4.Life

We will have the opportunity to play next month Scarlet Nexus, New Action RPG from Bandai Namco. Adventure will come to the consoles of the old and new generation and of course it will give its best PS5E Xbox Series X | S.. But what are the differences between the different consoles? Answer Elnalista Dibits, a Comparison video As you can see above.

ElAnalistaDeBits says, “The Scarlet Nexus is a game with minimal differences between different versions”. First, we can see that Resolution Less, as always, is on the Xbox Series S, which will stop at 1440p. However, on the PS5 and Xbox Series X, the game runs on 2160p. basically framerate, With a few drops during the fight all versions talk about 60 FPS.

You can notice a small difference in time Loading, Will be slightly faster on the PS5. We talk about the difference for three seconds and nothing fits. There are no big differences even in terms of layout details: we also remember that the Scarlet Nexus is a cross-gen game, so it is not designed to squeeze the maximum number of new consoles.

On the cover, L5 Analysta claims that Dbitz PS5 did more Noise More than usual by running the Scarlet Nexus. Can’t make any decisions now, of course. We also note that it was analyzed starting from the demo, so some minor glitches (such as losing some frames during a fight) can be resolved in time for D1.

We remind you that the PS4 and PS5 demo is available from yesterday.

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