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PS5 and Xbox Series X |  S is not comparable to RTX 30 for Radiation Tracking for 4A Games - Nert 4.Life

PS5 and Xbox Series X | S is not comparable to RTX 30 for Radiation Tracking for 4A Games – Nert 4.Life

While the technical expertise of 4A games is that there is room to discuss their strengths as game creators, we believe there is little to discuss. Talks about how the studio worked to create Updated version of Metro Exodus Its PS5, Xbox Series X | S. And PC, 4A Games CEO Oleksandr Shishkovskov talks about both the capabilities of the consoles and AMD’s approach. Ray Tracing.

At first he explained that it was completely impossible to compare Nvidia’s latest generation graphics cards RTX30, With the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, because American GPUs “play in another league”. This is because AMD has opted for a hybrid approach to radiation search, rather than developing hardware designed to manage it. Something that can give you evils like rogue power, but it will also allow you to find another way to approach the problem in the future.

The 3000 series is not comparable, “he said Oleksandr Shishkovsov. “Play in another league when it comes to RT performance. AMD’s hybrid approach to retracing is inherently different in capabilities, especially in computing different rays. But on its side it is very flexible and there are countless ways (probably not yet discovered) to design it to suit your needs. This is a good thing for consoles and console players. ”

Shishkovsov continues in his speech “The Ray Tracing D AMD It is best suited to the specific needs of developers, which is always a good thing for those who work in environments like consoles and, more generally, for players. In 4A games we already use direct access to custom travels, ray-caching and PLAS leaf triangles, things that are not possible on the system“.

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The CDO of 4A Games said it hopes to play several games in the next game Future They will use radiation tracking on consoles, perhaps in a different form than expected, “Transmitting sound, transmitting sight of enemy artificial intelligence or explosions. These are all ideas that we are already working on“.