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PS5 and Xbox Series X by 2021 | Aceto Corsa competition in S, announced the new DLC - Nerdu 4. Life

PS5 and Xbox Series X by 2021 | Aceto Corsa competition in S, announced the new DLC – Nerdu 4. Life

Aceto Corsa Competition Landing PS5 e Xbox Series X | S. In the course of 2021: This was announced by GNOS Simulations, along with a formulation New D.L.C., He British GT Pack.

Aceto Corsa Competitive Roadmap already reported coming on platforms in 2019 The next generation, Although not yet an exact release date, has been confirmed by the Italian team.

Version of course PlayStation 5 And the driving game Xbox Series X | SBS wants to access the extraordinary visual results obtained on the computer without making significant compromises, as happened on the Xbox 4 and Xbox One.

As mentioned, GNOS Simulations has announced a new DLC, the British GT Pack, which will be available on PCs today and will arrive on consoles in the spring. Below you can see the package trailer.

The British GT Pack DLC joins the Aceto Corsa Competition for all the activities of the SRO Motorsports Group’s 2019 British GT Championship!

This new DLC includes three of the most popular British circuits:

  • Donnington Park Circuit
  • Olden Park Circuit
  • Snyderton Circuit

These circuits have been truly recreated in digital version with incredible accuracy for laserscan technology.

The British GT Pack DLC includes more than 40 new libraries and 70 drivers from the 2019 season, as well as an exclusive championship season.

The British GT Season will be accessible to all players who have the original Aceto Corsa Competition game updated to the latest version (v1.7). All players can enjoy mixed class racing during the British GT season.

The ability to select three new British circuits and GT4 cars is limited to owners of the British GT Pack and GT4 European Series DLC, respectively.

Those who do not yet own the GT4 European Series and the British GT Pack DLC can take advantage of mixed-class racing on all tracks of the basic game and compete against GT4 opponents on the same track.

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