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PS4, PS5, Xbox One E Xbox Series S |  X.

PS4, PS5, Xbox One E Xbox Series S | X.

When introduced, Hitman 3 won the best digital debut in the series, Refers to the record for the final episode of the video game epic already enjoyed by Agent 47.

Available on PC, Google Stadia, Nintendo Switch and Sony and Microsoft consoles, this topic is subject to various analyzes related to technical performance. The latter is particularly interesting crossgen The game’s placeholder on the PlayStation and Xbox One and on the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series X.

In particular, The Video What you found at the beginning of this message is that the public has paid attention to the differences in loading times, which are very significant. Thanks for the newbies S.S.T., The next gen consoles actually offer the best performance. PlayStation 5, For example, reaches Hitman 3 opening screen In about 20 seconds, a PlayStation 4 This is still 10 seconds. The distance in the opening hours of a match is a whopping 8 seconds, compared to 31 seconds. Similar performance in Microsoft hardware Xbox Series XES Faster than Xbox One S..

In the meantime, we remind you that there are more improvements to the topic, especially in its next gen version. Developers of IO Interactive, For example, they have already confirmed the introduction Hitman 3S Xbox Series XE Series S..

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