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Lenovo Tab P11 Review: A Nice Intermediate Tablet

Lenovo Tab P11 Review: A Nice Intermediate Tablet

The P11 features a 13-megapixel photo gallery, which is very decent for an intermediate tablet.

Galaxy Tab A7 (f / 2, ISO 131, 1/50 s)
Lenovo Tab P11 (F / 2,2, ISO 111, 1/35)

Day by day, it presents a very clear image with an obvious lack of sharpness. We also notice a slightly dull color tone. However, the result is much nicer compared to the Galaxy Tab A7.

Galaxy Tab A7 (f / 2, ISO 11776, 1/15 s)
Lenovo Tab P11 (F / 2,2, ISO 9207, 1/10V)

At night, even if digital noise appears on the entire surface, the shot will be very well exposed. The software processing softens the display strongly, but the shot is more compatible than that provided by the Samsung tablet.

Front module, portrait and video mode

On the front, this model has 8 MPX modules, which is enough to capture some extra footage. The quality of the photos is not surprising and there is no detail. A portrait method was proposed, but did not reach the heights that a smartphone could offer us. Although the depth of field is adjustable, Bokeh does not really work. In short, recreate the portrait mode of your old phone.

As for video, the Lenovo P11 can shoot up to 1080p (full HD) up to 30 fps.

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