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Proxy to vote in presidential election? For the 2nd round, it was possible! Dates, descriptions

Proxy voting. The second round of the presidential election will take place this Sunday, April 24. Want to vote proxy? It’s still time! And know that it is simpler than before. Since this year, the practice of voting by proxy has been simplified. We will explain everything to you.

The second round, an important moment in French political life, takes place this Sunday, April 24th. If you do not have the opportunity to go to your polls to slip your ballot in the ballot box on T-Day, do not panic! It will only take a few minutes to complete your response to the second round of the presidential election. You certainly will not be alone in sending a trusted person to decide between Marine Le Pen and Emmanuel Macron, this year, this important moment in the democratic life of the country falls in the middle of a certain number of school holidays. French people ..

How much more time do you have? In principle, you should complete your process by April 23, the day before the election. However, due to the need to go to the police or the Gendermary station or consulate to prove the processing time and your identity and verify your entire procedure, it is better not to wait for the last moment.

What is a proxy process? If the word process is scary, we assure you that the power of attorney is very simple. Sign in This siteAs mentioned earlier Voter number Your trusted person and their date of birth (or all their civil status data and their voting municipality). After that, once your online process is complete you should go to the police station, gendermary or consulate to verify your identity and verify your attorney’s authority. You will receive a notification in the email indicating that your proxy has been approved.

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To get all the information you need depending on your personal situation, the service provides a general detailed description Here (Request for Power of Attorney in France, from abroad, etc.). Good news, moreover, from 1Er January 2022, Proxy procedure simplified. The person voting for another does not have to live in the same city.

Proxy Election: Form in Police, Gendermary, Court

To establish the power of attorney of your lawyer, you can go to a police station, a gendermary regiment or the district court of your home or workplace. At the counter of these companies, you will be given a manual completion form. If you live abroad, you should go to the embassy or consulate. In case you are unable to travel – for health reasons only, the only reason to be taken into account – You should justify your written request with a medical certificate or proof of ill health and ask the authorities to come to you to establish the power of attorney in your home.

Another solution if you want to save some time: you can now download the same form from the Internet (named Serfa 14952 * s01), Fill it in electronically and then print. You can get it by clicking directly Here From our site. The document should be printed on two sheets. You must complete the sections “Vote by Proxy”, “Affidavit” and “Receipt to be given to the Chancellor”. The government has been practicing this practice for some years and is making it easier to use the power of attorney. It does not exempt you from filing in the police station / gendermary / district court – this action is necessary – but you will spend less time in the corridors or in the reception area of ​​these administrations.

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In both cases, the information to be completed is the same. First, provide your ID, address, date of birth, phone, and email. You will need to fill in several fields about this “proxy: his / her last name / first name / address / date of birth) why you are fulfilling your election duties (health reasons, disability, occupational or training duties, holidays, residing in a municipality other than the city where you are registered). The administration will ask you to certify the reason for the failure and to complete the affidavit.

When you complete the proxy form, you have two options: either you choose the type of election (for example the 24/04/2022 presidential election), or you choose the validity period (the proxy valid is “DD / MM / YYYY up”). During a particular election, you must specify whether you will proxy only for the 1st ballot, proxy for the 2nd ballot, or for both ballots.If you choose the closing date, the attorney may only establish a maximum of one year in the national territory and three years in the embassies or embassies of French voters living abroad. Keep in mind that you can, so it’s up to you to choose what kind of lawyer’s authority is best for what you do not have (vacations, going abroad, occasional disability related to your work).

In principle, you can apply by proxy until the day before the second round, that is, until April 23, 2022, for the next presidential election. But there must be time to send the request and be notified to the polling station in a timely manner. To implement this process, consider the power of attorney in the downhall routing and delay in processing. Take immediate action to prevent your proxy from being blocked from voting at your place on D-Day. In general, it is difficult to say for sure if a proxy can be voted on unless action is taken. At least 3 days before the election deadline.

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The person voting for you may be your husband, wife, brother, mother, friend, or neighbor.A political activist whose sympathies you share … The law does not impose any criteria on the nature of your relationship. Before you vote, let him know the name or list of candidates you would like to vote for. She is free to respect your wishes … no! So choose the person who is obviously trustworthy, because he is the one who will put the ballot in the envelope, so he will play in the results of the 2022 presidential election. Advocate of a voter registered in the voter list of a municipality other than his own.

The answer is simple: no documentation. The person voting for you does not have to provide any specific evidence. This person assigned a proxy will not receive any official documents prior to voting. All he has to do is appear at your polling station with an identification document, give your name before the ballot is placed on the ballot box, and the head of the office will check to see if the attorney has the authority to verify his or her ballot. Others. So your proxy will vote twice: once in his name at his polling station, once in your name in your office. To facilitate the task, do not hesitate to contact him in advance Opening time of the polling station.