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Projects: Apple Introduces Pedestrian Image Collection in France

Projects: Apple Introduces Pedestrian Image Collection in France

In addition to the white cars on the Apple Map, we now meet people traveling through sidewalks with a large backpack with cameras and sensors to photograph and map instant surroundings.

The Apple version of Google Street View, Look Around, should be used, which gradually left the United States (see also Maps: Apple seems to be putting places by hand in its street photos). On the old continent, projects in the UK and Ireland began to benefit.

2018 in San Francisco, via Macroemers

Apple refers to, in Son planning A collection of pictures to feed the maps of the projects, which will be made livestock in eight regions:

  • Auvergne-Rhne-Alps
  • Great East
  • Hots-de-France
  • Normandy
  • New Aquitaine
  • Oxidative
  • De la Lower pays
  • Provence-Alps-C டிte d’Azur

It seems that cars have not been in circulation since April and in no case will their current schedule be exceeded.

In Europe, Monaco (from this month), Ireland (since April), Italy (from October 2020), and Germany (since last March) are also concerned about collecting on foot. In Australia it started in February and in Japan in March.

In the United States, in November 2018, there were the first pictures of this collection equipment in pedestrian mode Get started Appearance. The devices are likely to have evolved since then.

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