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The young Rioti helicopter was flown to Rome on the Rome code

RIETI – 31-year-old MR, a young man from Riyadh was rescued in critical condition, in Castelfranco – cutting a hedge using a mechanical basket – affected by the discharge of 20,000 volts electricity. It is necessary to assess whether the reported effects caused the fall or whether the electricity that went through it was discharged. On the spot, firefighters, police, 118 paramedics and a Pegasus helicopter took him to Rome under the red code.

The crash happened via de Messo in Castelfranco and via Villafranca. According to the summary, the 30-year-old undertook the task of compressing the branches when he accidentally approached the power cables, creating a curve and knocking him down. Technical analysts at Rietti’s ASL on site. After being revived, confirmed and calibrated by the 118 operator in the area, he was airlifted to Rome by helicopter.

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