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Production Line

Production line – car factory game Nintendo Switch – appears for ntower

PC Game is implemented by publisher Glabator and developer Positech Games Production sequence Announced for Nintendo Switch. Available on all sales sites such as the car factory Game Steam or Epic Games Store from March 2019 – no release date for the hybrid console is currently available.

Production tax a A combination of organizational management and simulation – Those familiar with the Tycoon series will discover the dynamics from the well-known building games. The player competes with other car manufacturers and must run his factory productively and profitably to succeed. If the sales and production processes are satisfactory, the player can be Let companies grow So become one of the biggest automakers. When hiring product designers, the player can buy Different technologies Use a Bluetooth hands-free system, such as automatic low beam or voice recognition.

Watch the official release trailer for the product line here:

Do you already know the game and are interested in implementing it for Nintendo Switch?

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