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Procedures, voice games, wallpaper ... Google is refining its interface dedicated to automobiles

Procedures, voice games, wallpaper … Google is refining its interface dedicated to automobiles

Android Auto uses many interesting new features, including the ability to launch games with passengers.

Google is constantly refining it On-board glass mode On Android, there is a feature called Android Auto. We have now discovered some upcoming updates for the infotainment dedicated interface, which will make the system easier to use and provide a little more entertainment for travelers.

Shortcuts, games and new customization features

On the interface page, Google will sort shortcuts (or practices) to keep the features you want most accessible. For example, shortcuts can quickly take you to your contact list, bring a Google Assistant, or change the temperature in your home if you have one. Connected thermostat At home.

For “big screen” cars, Android Auto now has a split screen display as well. If enabled, drivers can view Google Maps real-time view and multimedia controls. It makes you think about the latest version Carplay Who came iOS 14, Which may display Google Maps or add to Spotify Player for example.

Do you want your passengers to read your announcements and other content while you are driving? Google has a solution for this, and now has the privacy screen option. Notice it Wallpaper is now customizable, These new wallpapers are already available from version of Android Auto 6.1. To enable them, go to Settings and click “Select a Wallpaper”.

There are also indoor games to keep travelers busy. We are not talking about off-road games, but games that work with Google Assistant. This enabled games like Voice Jeopardy Now works with Android Auto. You need JavaScript enabled to view it Google Assistant.

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Remember to use and update these new features Android Auto on Play Store.