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Problems Around the World -

Problems Around the World –

From Technical draft

The application does not work on Android or iOS. Problems have also been reported in Italy. The Instagram hashtag is trending on Twitter

There were some crashes this morning A power outage was reported by many users around the world. Instagram was also disabled today, September 2, in Italy. First report before 9 p.m., Then the situation seemed to have calmed down. Rather 12.00 pm A new peak in communication from users who cannot access the app Photo social networking.

In addition to Italy, Other countries like India and the US were also affected by the collapse this morning. The crashes in Europe occurred especially from 12.00. There are those who say stories and posts cannot be loaded, those who cannot access the processor and those who are blocked from feeding. On Twitter, the hashtag # InstagramDown In trending.

The latest crashes on Instagram – along with the company’s other social networking sites Facebook and WhatsApp – precede this spring. In March, a 60-minute blackout shut down operating systems around the world. It still is There were problems for about half an hour in April.

September 2, 2021 (Change September 2, 2021 | 12:42)

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