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Prior to the Tour de France, the bike was the star of May

Prior to the Tour de France, the bike was the star of May

While waiting for the arrival of the 16th stage of the Tour de France in the alleys of Willow on Fox on July 19, the department and Fox Town Hall intend to turn the bike into a May star.

Fans of Petit Raine have chosen a date from the official track of the Tour de France 2022. On October 15, 2021, Christian Prudhomme, director of Grande Bookle, announced that Fox would host the finals of the 16th episode. The world’s largest cycling competition, on July 19, 2022. “The County City Tour de France enters history today, welcoming Norbert Mலller, the first city councilor.

Five years ago, for the first time in his life, Frenchman Warren Barquil raised his hands at the end of a tight phase (103 km) after a pile of difficulties (Col de Latrop, Col de Agnes and Beguerre wall). . In 2022, racers will start from Carcassonne (Ad), pass through Mirepoix, Lavelanet, Tarascon, Valdessos, attack the port of Lers, disembark at Massat and climb Mur de Péguère again. There, the trail will be identical with Saint-Pierre-de-Rivière, and then there will be the final sprint on the line drawn in front of Gendermary in the Willow alleys.

Fate de la Petit Rain as the high point of “My a Velo”

While waiting for the pedal experts, throughout the month of May, amateurs of the saddle are expected in Foix and Arige in general. The Departmental Council is actually updating the “May by Bike” function. “The idea is to get as many people on the bike as possible from Ariège, be it for daily commutes, work or even going to school or traveling. We want people to get out in two-wheelers in early May and only put it off when it’s time to return to the slopes. , “Says the chairman of the departmental board theoretically. This “May Bike Bike” is actually a little competition, thanks to the GeoVelo app that can be downloaded on your smartphone. The cyclist creates his account for free and competes in Ariège and accumulates kilometers. “The three major riders from May 1 to 25 will be rewarded as the high point of the event during the Fed du Velo event,” Ms Decky continues.

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“Raise the temperature before the tour”

The event will take place on May 29 at Fox, Willow Alley. The organizer of the Tour de France, the company Amuri Sports Organization (ASO), will set up a cycling village to promote the passing of the Tour, which has been in practice for many years. In particular, everyone can dream up the last hectare of the Pro Stage, with the materialization of the finish line / “There will be freestyle bike demonstrations throughout the day, setting up stands around smooth motion … and of course, we’re talking to local products in the stomachs of Ariège residents!” The leader makes fun of.

“We want to raise the temperature because of this famous festival,” says Norbert Mலர்ller. “It’s an extraordinary publicity for the city.

140 km of greenways in Ariège

Cycling can be very enjoyable when walking away from cars or trucks accustomed to traveling on the road, on a private road, with full safety. To date, about 140 kilometers of cycle paths have been fitted in Ariège, according to the department head. “Many routes will open in the coming weeks,” Ms Decky explains. At the Foix municipality level, new areas can be taken, especially on the routes connecting Labarre with the city center.