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Prime Video Channels on Advertising Services -

Prime Video Channels on Advertising Services –

L ‘Amazon Prime Day 2021, Brought in in June to avoid overtones with the Olympics and Europeans 21 and 22 June For a two day discount dedicated to Prime service users. But, as usual, in anticipation of the initiative, there are a number of offers related to Prime services, including the possibility to subscribe to themed channels, including Prime Video, for three months at 0. 0.99 per month. Starsplay, Hey, Crime + trial game, Rarovideo, Place, முபி e Play History.

L ‘Subscription to Prime Service It costs 36 euros a year or 3.99 euros a month, but it can be implemented Free trial For 30 days, if you have not already subscribed to Amazon Prime, during this time you can avail the discount including Prime Day, as well as Prime Products, exclusive promotions, basic service 2 million songs and music from Prime videos.

Below Ads On Prime services before Amazon Prime Day 2021:

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