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Preview Windows 11 in the browser

Preview Windows 11 in the browser

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Expected … I firmly believe that programs like this will come out to select “Excluded” from Windows 11.

Let’s see … In the meantime, Windows 11 is not one of my priorities this year.

You missed the memo, the hardware requirements are (almost) gone: they will only be used for upgrades from the Windows update, but no longer for installation by ISO.

If I understand correctly, we can use it now without TPM, but once we update, are we at risk of problems?

Absolutely not.
Actually from the first preview and, a little complicated in beta versions, you can install Windows 11 on the “incompatible” machine and the updates will work.
MS has officially announced that hardware requirements will rise to the final version if you install it manually (ISO or, I think, the installation media generator – that is, it will get stuck in the Windows update). The question raised by a section of the community is: Will updates continue to be used among those who choose to avoid needs?
Personally, I find it hard to block MS updates. At worst, I think there will be drivers that are no longer updated with Windows Update (because this is the main problem in maintaining their compatibility).
To …

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