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Premium subscription to Nintendo Switch Online? Nintendo comments on further development of the Presidential service – ntower

As part of a regular exchange between investors and management, Nintendo’s board of directors revolves around the president.
Shundaro Furukawa Questions about the company policy of the long-established company were answered again.

An investor question is related to the future development of the subscription service Nintendo Switch Online, Which gives Nintendo Switch owners access to online features and selects retro titles for a monthly fee. In particular, an investor wanted to know if Nintendo had one More expensive membership option with additional features Is being considered.

Furukawa did not directly answer the question to explain the function and purpose of the Nintendo Switch online member:


The Nintendo Switch online service was launched in September 2018 for Nintendo Switch owners. Animal Crossing: Members like Top Horizons can play online with their friends. In addition, they may run some of the published topics for the NES and SNES. In September last year, the number of subscribers grew to more than 26 million players, and we see further growth in line with the increase in Nintendo Switch sales. For Nintendo Switch Online, it is important not only to increase the number of subscribers, but also to convince existing members to continue using the service. So to make the service even more attractive, we serve more fun and comfortable while playing on the Nintendo Switch.

How do you rate a plan to offer a kind of premium subscription to Nintendo Switch Online with additional functionality? In your opinion, what are the benefits of such a service to be attractive?

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