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Nintendo again against the owner of the Rome Universe

Nintendo again against the owner of the Rome Universe

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Failure to pay a $ 50 installment will cost the owner of the Rome Universe portal too much.

There was no sign of wanting to settle the dispute between Nintendo and the owner of the Rome Universe portal, Matthew Storman, who again sued Big N for seeking a permanent restraining order.

Last May, the man was paid $ 1.1 million for illegally uploading Japanese home games ROMs to the Internet.

At the time, however, the judge in charge of the case refused to issue a permanent restraining order against the accused, which allowed Storman to reopen his portal shortly thereafter.

To make the story even more interesting and possible, the multi-million dollar fines would have to pay a total of 42,000 installments over 3,500 years, with the judge ordering a comfortable monthly installment of $ 50 in compensation. The storeman himself was unemployed and could not pay the full amount as a lump sum.

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However, the situation is now being questioned again due to non-payment of the first monthly installment, which has given Nintendo a new opportunity to prove before the judges that it is only a matter of the credibility of the accused and the inadequacy of the decision taken. Two months ago

At this point, it is not so easy for Storman to pull off such a convenient compromise, as it was torn during the first sentence.

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