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Dragon Ball Z Gagarot presents its uniqueness in the video

Dragon Ball Z Gagarot presents its uniqueness in the video

Next fall, Nintendo Switch users will finally be able to find the Dragon Ball Z Gagarot. Although they were the last to be offered compared to the PlayStation and Xbox One players, Switch Players would be the first to receive some additional game components.

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In Japan, Bandai Namco Entertainment dedicated almost five minutes of video to the Nintendo Switch version Dragon Ball Z Gagarot. This long trailer, designed for players who have not touched the original version of Action-RPG, logically returns to the game-based game mode.

So it’s a question of different open areas, fights, connections between different characters, food, side quests or different ways to improve the characters that can be played during the adventure.

And on the switch?

A particularly interesting element of this video is that its passage is dedicated to the exclusivity of the switch version of the game. Once released, it will have elements that are not provided elsewhere, such as two new difficulty modes: easy and difficult, with extra page searches and links (Vegeto and Kotenx) that can play anywhere other than the main story. Note that for Vegeto, the video suggests that the merger may be triggered during a fight.

Another uniqueness of this switch version is that it is delivered directly to the other versions of the game with two episodes sold as DLC and the DJ available in them. As for the third additional episode, Trunks: The Warrior of the Future, which will be available on Eishap from the day the game is released in Switch.

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As a reminder, Dragon Ball Z Gagarot will land on the Nintendo Switch on September 24th. Items that receive the switch version first will be available later on other sites. For those who need a catch shot, our test of the PS4 version of the game is available This address.

What inspires you with this switch version of DBZ Gagarot? Are you going to give him a chance? Are you worried about slower performance compared to other versions of the game? Are you interested in its DLC? Tell us all in the comments below.