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Pray for the Cats PlayStation and Xbox - A Surprise Release on the News

Pray for the Cats PlayStation and Xbox – A Surprise Release on the News

This open world adventure game was strongly inspired by the cult game The shadow of the giant figure At the same time it completes its initial access, which launched on Steam on January 31, 2019. For those who have already been a part of the adventure, this update 1.0 brings the last two bosses, from start to finish now with the full story and not to mention all the achievements, fixes, updates and other comfort options. Restrictions that hitherto prevented us from exploring the open world have also been removed.

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Unlike Fumito Ueda’s game, keep in mind that it was inspired. Pray for the gods It is a survival game in which you have to be the heroine who will stand alone in endless winter, creating fire, hunting for food and finding the right equipment. In the spirit Wild breath, His research skills allow him to ascend, swim and climb in almost any environment (massive animals that can be tackled in any order), revealing its secrets.

Note that the game is natively available at 60 frames per second on the PS5 using the features of DualSense. On the Xbox, the game is only offered on the Xbox One, but No Matter Studios claims to have used backward compatibility to display optimal graphics on the Xbox series.