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Prasanna: Attacked by rocks and snow: Two climbers rescued - Chronicle

Prasanna: Attacked by rocks and snow: Two climbers rescued – Chronicle

Trento. A 33-year-old man and a 28-year-old man from Venice were rescued by the Confederation of Two Climbers in the area of ​​Citte della Bive (in the province of Perugia). The northern face of Sima Prasanella At an altitude of about 3,100 meters above sea level.

It seems that the federation has been going on since the first reconstruction On the snowy way, When Mixed discharge of rock and ice li ha Pulled down about thirty meters, As long as it stands on the bottom cherokee.

It has two climbers, Wounded but conscious, June 27, call the single emergency number 112 at 6.30am today.

Coordinator of the West Trentino Functional Area Alpine and Spological Recovery He asked the helicopter to intervene and activate the Vermicellio station.

The helicopter climbed to a height and was mounted on the spot Helicopter rescue technician.

Assess health conditions in agreement with the doctor – e And is considered a risk of expulsion – Both climbers were quickly rescued by a winch on a helicopter To Santa Sierra Hospital in Trento for inquiries. From the first information they are not life threatening.

The intervention of the operators of the Vermicellio station was not required, and the pitch and the Denza refuge were ready if needed.

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